Lord please bless my writing today and give me the words for this five minute blog.

Christians, who do you represent?

Who do you represent? As Christians, each one of us is called to be an ambassador of Christ. Our friends, families, neighbors and coworkers are watching us. Are we separate from the world? Are we different from those who are not children of Christ?

Who else do you represent?

In addition to Christ, we each have roles of people that we represent? African Americans? Asians? Hispanics? Husbands? Wives? Mothers? Fathers? Teens? Seniors? People with physical disabilities? People with mental disabilities? Our career titles? Who are we representing? And are we doing it well?

Who do I represent?

I represent white women, wives, over age 60. I have bipolar depression and borderline personality disorder so I represent people with mental disabilities. But my greatest role is that of a child of the one true King, Jesus Christ.

Let us remember

Let us each remember we are representing ourselves to others and act accordingly. Our reputation is valuable and can be destroyed within minutes. Remember, if we have repented of our sins and trusted in Jesus we belong to Him and we represent Him to others every day. We were bought with a price. That price was the blood of Jesus when He died on the cross in our place.

You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies. 1 Corinthians 6:20

Dear Father,

Help us to remember each one of us, as Christians, represent Jesus every day. We are called to be a light in a dark world. In addition to being ambassadors for Christ we each have unique roles and people that we represent. May all that we say and do bring honor and glory to Jesus. In His name I pray. Amen.




  1. I represent the people,
    deplorables and bums
    who stand beneath the steeple
    with Bibles and with guns.
    We’ve been freedom’s finest tool,
    the great plains-breaking plow,
    but city elites who rule
    really hate us now.
    They say that we are obsolete,
    that we are past our time,
    but we will be hard to beat
    with hearts still in their prime;
    the urban snobs call me a goat,
    but they can bet this goat will vote.


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