Moses led the people through the Red Sea onto dry ground. When he went up to Mount Sanai he was gone a long time. The people made a giant golden calf and worshipped it. Moses in his fury smashed the Ten Commandments and had to get another set. He led them to the promised land. They conquered towns and cities and divided the land among them.


When David killed Goliath he (years later) became the King of Israel . He loved and served the Lord and God blessed Israel. When his son Solomon became King all he asked God was for wisdom. God blessed him- he was the richest man in the world and his kingdom was vast. But he turned from God to serve idols. The sins of Israel and Judah became extreme. Not only did they burn incense to these pagan gods they offered their own children as human sacrifices to these gods. [The end of my five minutes- you may choose to stop reading here.].


The result was the walls of Israel were broken down, the temple was destroyed and everything in it was taken, the people were taken captive, people died by the sword and they died by famine because of their extreme wickedness. Sodom and Gomorrah were filled with homosexuality and extreme immorality and God totally destroyed those cities with fire and brimstone. Noah was a just man but because of the extreme sinfulness of the people God destroyed the earth with a flood.


The United States of America was once a great nation. We were founded on Christian principales and for hundreds of years we were a Christian nation. People went to church on Sunday. People prayed before they ate a meal. Men were men and women were women. Marriages were between a man and a woman. And women did not have the right to murder innocent babies in their womb.


In Michigan Gretchen Whitmore had numerous television ads promoting human rights- her body her choice. Now in the Michigan State Constitution women can kill their babies right until childbirth. People will be coming here from other states to kill their babies. Millions of innocent babies will die. At six weeks old they have a heart, and soon after lungs, brains, bones, muscles, arms and legs, fingers and toes. They have nerves. They are real babies. What extreme wickedness! What an abomination before God! How could any Christian vote for a Democrat who clearly represented the right to kill their unborn babies?

I believe God’s judgement is coming on our nation. Right now food prices are extremely high. Gas prices are extremely high. Things are going to get much worse. Repent, Americans, get on your knees and pray for America. This country represents extreme wickedness before a holy and righteous God Almighty.

You adulterous people, don’t you know that friendship with the world means enmity against God? Therefore, anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God. James 4:4


Dear God,

Please have mercy on this extremely wicked nation. There are still people in this country who love you and worship you but we as Christians are not speaking up and speaking out against the wickedness of this nation. Help us Lord. Help us to be burdened for America. Help us to get on our knees and pray for America. Lord, whatever it takes, help this once great nation to turn back to you, and to turn back to our Christian principles. Help those Christians who no longer follow you to return to you, to your Word and to your churches. We need a revival in America. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

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14 thoughts on “EXTREMES IN AMERICA

  1. While I understand where you’re coming from, I’d like to respectfully point out that a hundred years ago, the US Government offered bounties for the heads of Apache men, women, and children–not a very Christian government. Thomas Jefferson was a humanist. The founding fathers believed in a person’s right to practice religion (whatever flavor a person chose). They also felt it necessary to separate religion and government (which explains why prayer is no longer part of school–schools are run by the government).

    If we want to be a ‘Christian nation,’ we must look at our past, acknowledge and confess our sins (racism, genocide, colonialism) and ask God how we can do better by loving more, judging less, and extending the same mercy and grace that God so freely extends to us to other people. The question should be, “How can I show Jesus’ love to others so they will desire to know Him?” not “How can I legislate society to meet my ideal of what religion should look like?”

    As a Christian, my greatest failure is in not loving well. Jesus showed extreme love for us, can I do any less than showing extreme love for others?

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    1. Actually Native Americans were killing white men and killing and kidnapping the women and children. The Puritans came to this country to worship God freely. The Constitution did not want government control of the churches, like the church in England- it was to protect the church. It is freedom of religion (which rights we are losing) not freedom from religion.

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      1. Actually, Jefferson was a theist. His beliefs were broadly aligned with Unitarianism, and though he did not formally join that church, he did predict that Unitarianism would become the dominant religion in the United States.

        Also, the establishment clause of the First Amendment prohibits the favouring of a particular religion; that was the original meaning (now out of use) of ‘respecting’ in context. Nowhere is there a demand for the enforced secularism we see today.


  2. People come from both extremes on many issues, backing both (if not many) sides of an argument. Thank you for your thought-provoking post. Praying for our nations and those who have been placed in positions of authority is a God-given duty.
    Just stopped by from FMF #14

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  3. It’s OK to murder babies,
    better kill them while you can,
    to prevent that one day maybe
    they will vote Republican!
    It’s OK to threaten judges
    whose rulings you cannot abide,
    for threats can be the thing that nudges
    them to favour your own side.
    Burning churches, that’s fun, too,
    a whole new kind of healthy play,
    knowing that your friends and you
    won’t be harassed by DOJ,
    and in these words, with heavy sigh,
    love for country waves goodbye.


    1. Oh, yes. I am so distressed by what this country has become, that sarcasm… extreme sarcasm…is the only language left.

      The voters of Montana, of all places, voted down legislation that would have mandated life-saving care for a baby that survived abortion. And in California, a perinatal abortion is now allowed. Perinatal… that means a newborn can be killed.

      I can’t understand this. I maybe don’t want to.

      I don’t know if America can come back from the pit into which it’s flung itself.

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