I didn’t write for five minute Friday last week. On Friday, I had not been broken. I was broken on Sunday. Well, it is five days later, but I am going to write about the word broken.


I go to Maplelawn Baptist Church, in Wyoming Michigan. We are doing a study of the book of Hebrews. I don’t remember everything Pastor Willis preached, but I remember he talked about going through hard times. It seems like I have always been going through a hard time in my life.

After hearing the church service, I was broken. I hurried to the car with my husband. I gave God all of the pain, sorrow, disappointment, bitterness, anger unforgiveness and sin in my soul. I am suffering the consequences of my own verbal abuse to others. My heart was changed. I forgive others and I finally forgave myself. And now I have the joy that Kelly Cook had.


I have a husband who loves me. I have two fine sons who love me. I still have so many good people in my life who love me. I even have two very sweet dogs who love and adore me. What more can I ask for? Even if nobody on earth loved me, Jesus loves me. He will always love me. He will always be with me. And that is enough. I am going to enjoy the life that I have.

Next weekend, Chuck and I are going to South Haven Michigan. Lake Michigan is so vast, that it looks like the ocean. I sit on the sandy beach and look out at the pale blue sky, with the fluffy white clouds, and the blue water that looks like it goes on to the end of the earth. I love to listen to the waves. I know that God created all of this beauty for us to enjoy.

Wherever we go, Chuck and I find a mini golf course. There is a nice one in South Haven. I have not played since last summer, so I will play terribly. And Chuck always wins. He was a golfer, until he could no longer play, so his mini golf skills are far superior. We limit the balls to six. If I cannot get the ball into the hole in six tries, I pick it up. It is still fun to play mini golf, even if I lose.

After mini golf, we will grab some lunch, and hit some shops. I love the homemade candy shop, the shop that has many things made from fresh blueberries and the shop where I can buy fancy dog treats for Willow and Bentley. I may splurge and buy a blueberry pie. It is going to be a fun day. Our final plan for the day is to go to a park nearby with a paved trail. It has a water fountain, a covered bridge, flowers and some other pretty scenery. It will be nice to walk with my husband. Sometimes, we still hold hands. We are 60 years old, but I feel like a teenager in love.


And the next day is Mother’s Day. I am not going to cry and feel sorry for myself this Mother’s Day. I am going to have a great day. We are going to church, coming home and my husband is going to make me spaghetti and meatballs. My sister Mary has a great meatball recipe. We may even buy some garlic bread. I will make a salad the night before. I am going to enjoy Mother’s Day this year.


JOY: Jesus first, Others second and Yourself last. That is what gives me joy. And now, I am going to go to Facebook, and listen to that very great sermon from Maplelawn Baptist Church one more time. I like to start my day with Jesus first. It truly does give me joy.

if we say that we have no sin, we delude ourselves and the truth is not in us. If we admit that we have sinned and confess our sins, He is faithful and just and will forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 1John 1:8,9

Dear Jesus,

I thank you for changing my heart, forgiving my sins and giving me joy. I pray for that one who needs to read this today. I pray that you will soften their heart, help them to cry out to you and give you everything that is in their heart and their soul. I pray this in Jesus name, amen.

And now, I am going to listen to that very good sermon again. I am glad I posted it on Facebook.

Lake Michigan Holland, Michigan

6 thoughts on “BROKEN

  1. I love it when God breaks me (but not while it’s happening, of course). May God continue to heal and work in your heart as he takes the broken places and knits them back into something stronger that better reflects his character.

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