4 Unexpected Lessons from COVID-19

I read this blog this morning and it was so good I wanted to share it with all of you. Terri D

The Sullivan Spin

In February, COVID-19 was little more than click bait to me. A blinking ad shouted, “Check out the eerie empty streets of China…” Curiosity won out and I clicked.

Huh. What’s this all about?This seems borderline apocalyptic; the whole city is empty. Then I promptly dismissed the issue from my mind. China’s a world away after all and that really has nothing to do with me. I’ve got a job to do, a family to take care of, so my emotional energy is already allocated, leaving no time to worry about foreign affairs.

Passion for the Nations?

1.) The Source of Love

A month before this video you could have asked me, “Do you care about sharing the Gospel with China?” You would have received an emphatic reply from me, “Yes! Of course!” I would have quoted this Bible verse to you:

Matthew 24:14 (ESV)

And this gospel of…

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