Priceless Christmas Presents for Hurting Children

The best Christmas presents you can give your child cannot be bought, but are priceless. This is especially true for children of divorce, or for a child who has lost a parent either in a custody battle or in death. Those children are really hurting and need more than a doll or a new car.

1. Tell them that God loves them, He will always love them, even if they are naughty God still loves them.

2. Tell them wherever they go Jesus will always be with them

3. Tell them this divorce or change in custody is not their fault. Guilt is a terrible burden for a child to bear. And believe me, they do feel guilty when their parents get divorced or when a parent loses custody of them.

4. Tell them that you love them, you will always love them no matter where they live or how naughty they might be, they are still a good boy and they are still a good girl and you will always love them

5. Tell them that you will be okay. Children love their parents, no matter what, and after a loss, the child is filled with worry for the noncustodial parent or the surviving widow or widower.

6. Tell them you are not alone- that Jesus is with you, you have friends, family, church and that Jesus and these people are with you helping you through this sad time.

7. Give them something THEY can do to help you. This may be praying for you every night or writing letters to you or coloring pictures for you.

8. Tell them what you really want for Christmas this year, more than anything else is for them to be happy.

9. Tell them they will be okay. The worst thing you can do is make them feel guilty for loving the other parent. NEVER badmouth the other parent to a child. That is too much of an adult burden to dump on a child.

10. Go to a Bible preaching church- get the support you need to help you through this time, eat right, go for walks, pray, meditate, listen to music, watch tv, read the Bible- do things to comfort and nurture yourself. It is very important for you and for them that you take care of yourself.

Have a Merry Christmas!



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