ARE YOU ANGRY? Read this…

I am really angry... I really wanted something and the answer was no. I did not get what I wanted. I can choose to be be angry at God, the other people involved, my family, the world but I am still not going to get what I really, really wanted.

My husband says I am angry ALL THE TIME. I am not angry ALL THE TIME. I am angry when I don’t get my own way. I am angry when I really want something and I don’t get what I want. I can make myself and everyone else around me miserable or I can accept no for an answer and get over it.

This all sounds very childish, doesn’t it? What about you? What is that one thing that you really, really wanted and you prayed about it, you asked God for it, you had faith that God would give it to you and yet God still said no, or at least, not right now. Were you angry?

It is okay to get angry– David got angry and he poured out all those angry feelings to God and then something wonderful happened. God poured out his love on David and comforted him, helped him, gave him strength to go on, gave him faith, and caused him to worship God and praise him. David wrote all of those angry feelings and praises to God in the Bible, in a book called Psalms.

Ask yourself, am I angry about something? Pour out all those angry feelings to God in prayer and then let God comfort you. Read some Psalms. Write out a list of all the things you are grateful for. You are alive. You can walk, talk, see, hear, read and write. You have a warm home, hot water, indoor plumbing, electricity. You have food to eat- enough food to eat three meals a day if you want. You have a Heavenly Father who dearly loves you, if you have been born again. He let his only child suffer and die on a cross for you. What more could he give you than the painful death of his only child?

Then ask yourself, “who can I be a blessing to today? Who has been a blessing to me? Whose loved one just died? Who is elderly and lives at home or in a nursing home? Who is recently divorced? Who is dirt poor and would love a plate of home made cookies? Who is homeless and would love to get a warm blanket? Who- fill in the blank________?”

After you have done all of that, how are you feeling? If you are still angry or depressed go back to pouring your heart out to God again and repeat the steps I have just told you.

If this blog has helped you in any way, or been a blessing to you please leave a comment below.

Who shall separate us from the love of God?” The answer is nobody, not even you, and nothing on earth, in heaven above, in earth below can ever separate you from the love of God.

I am Willow and Bentley’s mama. Below you will see my dogs, Willow and Bentley.



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10 thoughts on “ARE YOU ANGRY? Read this…

  1. I actually don’t get angry very easily. Only two things really seem to get me angry, direct personal criticism (it makes me angry at first, but once I calm down, if there is merit to the criticism, I can often evaluate the usefulness of the information and even apply it if useful), the other time I get angry is if I lose at something or am proven to be wrong about something lol. I’m not a graceful loser lol. Still working on that one.

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  2. I used to believe that being angry was some sort of “sin”. I told myself I’d never be angry again and it ate me up… being angry is healthy & useful! And you yourself decide the way you communicate your anger. I found what fits me best and I’m so grateful I learned this in therapy!

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