To my Beloved Daughter

You will get through this. You will be okay. You are stronger than you know. You have not lost everything. Your children still need you and they really need to know that you will be okay. You still have Jesus. He is with you every minute of every day. You still have a church family that dearly loves you. You have a mother who will always love you, no matter what. You are not alone. Jesus will help you. ” Cast all your cares on Jesus for HE cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:8. We are all heartbroken with you. Let God help you. Work hard at getting your heart right with God. Apologize to all of those you have hurt- starting with your closest family members. We all love you but you have hurt all of us. We will forgive you. Work hard in counseling and talk about all of your hurts, past and present. Find healing and hope. There is a Celebrate Recovery Group in your area that meets every Friday night. They are good caring people and they will help you. I suggest the group for Codependent people. They all have a meal together before they eat. Your church family loves you. Keep going to church. Trust in GOD who loves your children and did what is best for your children and for you.

Love always,



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