You blocked me. You won’t let me tell you how sorry I am. I feel terrible. But you won’t let me explain. You blocked me on your phone. You unfriended me on FB. You left our group. If you would only listen. I truly love you. I would never hurt you. I thought you knew that. You told all of my friends I am toxic. Toxic defined. Poisonous. Causing death. Would you please let me explain?

I really truly thought you were being deported. I was so upset that my dear friend had to leave the country that without thinking I posted”my friend is being deported.” I did not say your name. I did not mention the location where I met you. None of my friends on FB have any idea who you are.

Then after a terrible, painful, heartbreaking day which sent me into a deep depression , I got your “Why are you spreading lies about me all over FaceBook?” It was the last straw. It was more than I could take. And I cursed at you.

I should never have posted anything about you on FB but I did not know it was a lie. I made a mistake. Still, I should not have posted anything about you.

I should not have cursed at you.

The minute I found out what I posted had upset you I deleted it. It was only posted for about an hour.

I am really truly sorry. And I am deeply hurt that you won’t give me a chance to explain what happened or tell you how sorry I am and you publicly told all of my friends that I am toxic. Poisonous. Deadly.

This is the only way I have left to talk to you, and you may never read this but I know I tried to be your friend. I am human. I make mistakes. There is nothing more I can say. Nothing more I can do.

2 thoughts on “I AM TRULY SORRY R.

  1. I am sorry this is happening to you. I would not have thought that comment was breaking the trust of the group, other than it sounds like you must have got what she said mixed up or was she lying?

    God has a reason for everything He allows. I can’t imagine what that reason could be, but don’t be too hard on yourself. You made an innocent mistake and there was no malice intended. You are a good person with a big heart and were concerned.

    Remember, all things work together for good to those who love God. I think you’re being too hard on yourself. God has something else for you. Bring your hurts and tears and fears to him and let him comfort you and be assured that he loves you and accepts you and we do too. We all make mistakes. Don’t be do hard on yourself.

    Love and hugs.


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