Connecting with God When You’re Angry

Please read the blog below. I have anger issues and this blog helped me to see my anger in a different, more positive light. It is not the anger that is sinful- anger is a God given emotion. It is the way that I react to the anger- in a good way or in a sinful way. When I shout, scream, curse and berate a person that is sinful. When I pour out my angry feelings to God it is good. There are ways to channel anger: praying, journaling, writing a hateful angry letter to the person you are angry at and throwing the letter away, googling Bible verses about anger and studying the scriptures, coloring, doing something physical ( going for a walk, exercising, washing your car or cleaning your house.) Then, after you have vented your anger in a positive way, you can calmly talk to the person, address the issue and resolve the conflict.

Heart Soul Mind

By Jenny Fulton

My two-year-old stomps through the house, hands on her hips, blond curls bouncing along. “I not happy!” she shouts as loud as she can. She’s angry and has no qualms about making sure everyone knows it.

In a way, I
envy her. There is something so beautiful about the innocence of her
expression. Unlike me, she hasn’t learned to hide it.

My own
experience with anger is quite different.

It begins as
a slight twinge in my heart. I catch my breath and force the pain away.

The pressure

It’s not
allowed to be there. I must be calm. I must be loving and forgiving. This uncomfortable
feeling is forbidden.

Many years
of practice have enabled me to keep a straight face and serene expression while
I deal with this unacceptable emotion. And by deal with I mean force it down
and refuse it permission to…

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