On Daughters

Dear Sheila,

How are you doing? Yesterday I asked my son when his baby is due. I think it is November. He did not text me back. He refuses to discuss anything to do with his girlfriend with me. For whatever reason she does not like me and I realize I am never going to have a daughter or a daughter in law that loves me. That thought alone is enough to send me into a deep depression.

Don’t get me wrong. I am grateful for my sons. I love them and I know they love me. But they are men. They answer my questions with a one word answer. They never call me. We have very little in common.

I often think how wonderful it would be to have a daughter that loved me. We would go to the mall together… Well maybe it would actually be to the Goodwill, Thrift Shops and Dollar General. We would try on clothes and tell each other how pretty we looked. We would sit at my kitchen table, drink coffee (or hot cocoa) and talk about her life and mine. She would ask for my advice and really listen when I answer. We would go to Big Boy and have hot fudge sundaes. I would share my favorite recipes with her. We would pray together and read the Bible together. We would send each other emails and text messages and talk on the phone. Maybe go for a manicure together. She would actually buy me gifts for Christmas, my birthday and Mother’s Day. How wonderful it would be to have the love of a daughter or daughter in law.

It makes me really sad that I will never have a daughter or daughter in law that loves me and values me and wants all the love I have to offer.




I think I am going to copy this and use it for my daily blog


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