For four months I have tried to walk/run and train for a 5K. I got Kleats so I could train on snow and ice. I went out and walked/ran when the temperature was in the single digits. As you all know, I had my heart set on running. That was my dream but I had terrible pain in my calf muscles and then I hurt the muscles above my knees. I can not run. I was so disappointed in myself. A year ago I was a 56 year old couch potato and I would never have considered doing anything athletic. Finally, last week after walking for an hour with my dogs I realized walking three miles is not easy; it would be a great accomplishment for me. My husband would be so proud of me. I would be so proud of myself.

Well, my husband has been after me for leaving my weights in front of the couch instead of putting them away after using them. Yesterday I was vacuuming and I kicked my solid weight really hard. Yes, it hurt like crazy, but I did not think anything about it. It was when I put my sneaker on and tried to walk to the pickup truck parked in our driveway that the pain was excruciating and I realized I had broken one of my toes- yesterday was nine days before my 5K!!!

I still had the hard sandal like shoe that I wore the last time I broke a toe- three or four years ago. I taped my broken toe to another one like a splint and I am wearing my special shoe. I am keeping my foot elevated. I know what to do for a broken toe.

My 5K is in eight days!!! I am hoping that on Tuesday and Thursday (when the weather is nice) if I wear my special shoe and my toe is taped I will be able to walk up our dirt road with my two dogs. I have asked anyone and everyone to pray for me- that in eight days I will be able to walk for three miles. I am feeling pretty depressed today.

I have no ending for this blog. I am going to be deeply depressed if I can not walk my 5K in eight days. I can not come up with an appropriate Bible verse today.

The End































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